Hermes 900

Next gen combat proven Medium Altitude Long Range UAS

  • Highly autonomous & mission effective.
  • Multiple hard points & 250 Kg modular internal installation bay.
  • Created a value chain to offer Hermes 900 with high level of indigenization
  • Certified to fly in Civilian airspace
  • Multi-payload and persistent wide area surveillance capabilities

Hermes 450

Medium Range, high performance Tactical UAS

  • Matured and combat proven system with over 300,000+ operational flight hours
  • Leading safety & reliability record over years
  • Carries 180kg of payload with an endurance of 17+ hours
  • Modular payload configuration that can carry EO/IR, SAR/MPR, ELINT, EW and many more

Hermes 45

Multi mission small tactical UAS

  • Well designed for land and maritime missions
  • With 20kg of payload and endurance of 22+ hours, is the most effective UAS for dominance and terrain analysis
  • HOT SWAP CAPABILITY – Continuous Mission
  • Point-landing capability, with no runway required
  • Enables advanced ISR and EW capabilities with extended BLOS range


Field deployed Tactical UAV

  • Organic airborne ISTAR capabilities
  • Dual payload capabilities with an endurance of 5+ hours
  • Electrically propelled featuring extremely low acoustic and visual signatures
  • Rapid deployment with fully autonomous takeoff to landing operations


Tactical Loitering Munition

  • Fully autonomous Loitering Munition that can locate, acquire and strike operator-designated targets
  • Versatile warhead with 360 degree attack capability
  • Optional recovery capability and proved high speed performance
  • Locally manufactured and assembled platform exported to various countries


Multi Rotor VTOL Mini-UAS

  • Uniquely designed for military applications that can be deployed even at unfavourable weather and terrain conditions
  • Fully foldable, clear 360 degrees view
  • Advanced real time navigation modes with programmable flight pattern
  • Extensively used by various militaries worldwide


VTOL – Small class UAV

  • Long Range and Long Endurance capability, gasoline powered
  • Open architecture based scalable SWARM capability
  • Proven BVLOS and day/night detection
  • Ability to perform GPS denied navigation
  • Onboard intelligence for human identification