About Adani Defence & Aerospace

Nation-building has always been at the heart of Adani Defence & Aerospace. We stand at the brink of exponential growth for the country.

Under the visionary leadership of Adani Group’s Chairman, Mr Gautam Adani, who wants to leave a legacy by making a humble contribution to the Indian Armed Forces and to see a nation rising above dependence, a Bharat claiming its rightful place in the forefront of quality, innovation, and technology in the global landscape.

In our contribution to this climb, we are committed to bolstering India's defence and security capabilities in alignment with the Aatmanirbhar Bharat initiative and strive to elevate India's defence capabilities to global standards, holding together the pillars of innovation, sustainability, and social responsibility. Through strategic collaborations with credible global partners, we have succeeded in establishing a resilient network of capabilities. To foster indigenous expertise and strengthen the domestic defence industry, we continue to make strategic investments in unique products and technologies working with Indian small and medium-sized businesses. Our efforts revolve around positioning India as a key player in the global market and substantially reducing the country's net current account deficit through robust exports.

At the core of our philosophy is embracing a culture of innovation and agility in meeting all defence requirements domestically, by delivering cutting-edge solutions to prioritise technologies and platforms of strategic importance for India.

With this, we have embarked on a digital transformation and an aim to achieve optimal efficiency without compromising quality, empowering the Armed Forces with state-of-the-art technology to effectively counter emerging threats in air, land, and sea.

Adani Defence and Aerospace boasts several 'firsts' to its credit – from being India’s first private sector military UAV manufacturer exporting to global markets, to establishing India's first private small arms manufacturing facility and the country’s first private sector ammunition player. This reinforces the company's unwavering dedication to nurturing a domestic defence ecosystem.

Within a relatively brief timeframe, we have showcased remarkable impact across diverse domains, ranging from small arms, unmanned aerial systems to counter drone systems, loitering munitions, missiles, ammunition, and aircraft services. The proven track record of unwavering support to the Indian Armed Forces and paramilitary forces highlights our role in transforming India into a hub for advanceddefence and aerospace manufacturing.

With innovation and dedication, Adani Defence & Aerospace leads on the global stage, fortifying India's security. Together, we shape India's defence future with pride and commitment.


To be a global leader in defence and aerospace, helping India transform into a destination for world-class hi-tech defence, design, development and manufacturing aligned with the Aatmanirbhar Bharat initiative.


We shall embrace new ideas and businesses

We shall believe in our employees and other stakeholders

We shall stand by our promises and adhere to high standards of business

Our Strategy

Adani Defence & Aerospace focuses on three core pillars.

Build a compelling and vibrant defence ecosystem providing a growth platform
to Indian startups and MSMEs

Collaborate with best-in-class research organisations, global partners and Indian
suppliers who are committed to Aatmanirbhar Bharat

Compliment ‘India for India’ with ‘India for Global’ to cater to export markets with
reliable, safe, quality solutions

CEO’s message

At Adani Defence & Aerospace, we take immense pride in our strategic investments. We focus on critical technologies and platforms, anticipating future needs. Our approach goes beyond mere assembly, testing, and integration (ATI). Instead, we delve deep into sub-systems and component-level manufacturing, fostering true expertise.

Our workforce embodies an export-oriented mindset, well-versed in globally accepted processes, workflows, and quality management systems. Our commitment to “zero defect” and on-time delivery drives us forward.

But that’s not all. We recognize that research, innovation, and design are the bedrock of sustained success. To remain relevant in both global and Indian markets, we’re bolstering our manufacturing facilities with cutting-edge R&D centers, both within
India and beyond.

Ashish Rajvanshi

CEO, Adani Defence & Aerospace

CSR Initiative

Adani Ahmedabad Marathon

The Adani Ahmedabad Marathon, an initiative by the Adani Group, is an expression of solidarity towards the Bravehearts of India’s Armed Forces. A distinct feature of the Adani Ahmedabad Marathon has been its cause #Run4OurSoldiers. It presents a unique opportunity for participants to pay tribute to our soldiers. More than 1,000 defence personnel (Air Force, Army and Navy) participate in the run annually that took its inaugural stride in November 2017. A major portion of the proceeds goes to the welfare of the Indian Armed Forces.